Human Capital & Human Resources Consulting

Human Capital & Human Resources Consulting

     People are your greatest asset. Or they’re your deepest liability, if they are in the wrong place. Leaders on every level unanimously agree that managing people is what holds together an organization or alternatively breaks it down.


Human Capital is significant multiplier if and when it is adequately empowered. Tetros employs several tools to properly nurture your organizational Human Capital, such as:

Processes Include:

  • Human CapitalRapid Assessment
  • HC Diagnostic Review and Audit
  • Psychometric Assessment Tools (Everything DiSC, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Organizational Design
  • Job Evaluation
  • Total Rewards and Incentives Design
  • Performance Management Framework
  • Employee Engagement Survey
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Inter-cultural Intelligence Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Internal Assessments
  • Training Design, Development, Delivery, and Evaluation
  • Organizational Development







  • 人力资本快速评估
  • 雇员人数诊断评估和审计
  • 心理测评工具(DiSC, MBTI)
  • 组织设计
  • 职位评估
  • 全面薪酬和短期激励规划
  • 绩效评估框架
  • 员工敬业度调查
  • 培训需求分析
  • 跨文化理解力咨询
  • 高管教练
  • 内部评估
  • 培训设计、开发、实施和评估
  • 组织发展