Global Recruitment

Global Recruitment

      Whether you are a startup requiring end-to-end talent acquisition and retention services, a multinational company seeking project-based recruiting support or anything in between, Tetros has the capacity and resources to meet your needs through the following Talent Acquisition suite. (look next)


We understand that each company is unique, and we offer a full range of flexible solutions. After an in-depth review of your current processes, Tetros will create a customized, comprehensive strategy that delivers results. Fueled by our innovative and tested methodologies, Tetros carefully executes the business fundamentals required to maintain a high level of production and find you the right people, every time.

Processes Include:

  • Executive Search
  • Strategic Recruitment
  • Background Checks
  • Psychometric Assessments
  • Interview Solutions
  • International Relocation and Orientation
  • On-boarding
  • Orientation and Strategic Planning
  • Succession Planning
  • Formalized process maps with key processes documented in easy to use forms
  • Intuitive job descriptions
  • Candidate sourcing plans for every position
  • Consistent candidate engagement & pre-screening procedures
  • Legally compliant interview guides and documented interview calibrations
  • Candidate bio & closing information
  • Interview logistics coordination
  • Area information and maps
  • Compensation package creation & offer delivery
  • Metrics to ensure repeatable success

Talent Outplacement Solution

     Your organization’s workforce is a dynamic asset, requiring constant adjustments in response to changing marketing conditions and emerging business opportunities. It is about strategically mobilizing and sizing your workforce to meet the needs of your business, minimize turnover and maintain productivity of unaffected employees.


When a changing market, structure or mission calls for workforce planning and restructuring, Tetros is the choice for you. Through our outplacement services, we make it our business to understand the dynamic realities of today’s workplace. Tetros offers a variety of programs to meet individual candidate outplacement needs, either in-office or virtually, each focused on delivering effective outcomes. Tetros will provide a customized career continuation program for an individual and groups of candidates at all levels and backgrounds—from executives through front-line staff.


As a part of the program, Tetros will provide assistance managing the various aspects of job loss, identification of marketable strengths, definition of appropriate job/career targets and development of a resume, cover letters and marketing strategy appropriate for an effective employment search. In addition to learning networking, interviewing and compensation negotiation skills, candidates will learn to productively use recruiting firms, the Internet and other resources to locate employment opportunities.


Whether you’re transitioning a few people or thousands, Tetros has the tools, technology and expertise to help you plan an effective restructuring strategy and manage the outplacement and career transition process from start to finish. Most important, we’ll help ensure that your affected employees land new roles quickly and confidently, and that the employees you retain remain productive, committed and focused.

Typical programs will include:

  • Structured one on one customized counseling for the duration of your search
  • Assessments and consultation
  • Individualized assistance preparing an effective resume, cover letters and other marketing material
  • Training in prospecting, networking and interviewing
  • Interview training
  • Compensation negotiation training
  • Access to Job Search Training Manual
  • Stationery, postage and telephone
  • Lists of targeted companies
  • Training in prospecting, networking and interviewing
  • Lists of online job tools
  • Local networking meeting locations



无论您是创业型公司需要点到点的人才吸引和保留服务、还是跨国公司寻求基于项目的招聘支持,或者是介于两者之间的任何需求,天途丝都有能力和资源, 通过一个精心设计的度身定制人才获取项目,来满足您的需求。


我们知道,每个公司都是独一无二的,我们提供全方位的灵活的解决方案。在深入了解您的当前流程后,我们将为您创建一个定制的,整合战略来达成目标。在经过验证的创新模式的助力下, 天途丝始终一丝不苟的执行业务基本面的要求,以维持高水准的效率,来保证每次都能为您找到合适的人 。


  • 高管寻访
  • 战略招聘
  • 职业背景调查
  • 心理评估
  • 面试方案
  • 国际迁移和新环境说明
  • 入职管理
  • 方向和战略规划
  • 继任计划
  • 方便易操作的归档记录(含关键流程的流程图)
  • 直观的职位描述
  • 针对每个职位的候选人寻访计划
  • 统一的候选人吸引和预选流程
  • 符合当地法规的面试指南和标准化的面试记录
  • 候选人简历和聘用信息
  • 面试流程协调
  • 当地指南和地图
  • 创建薪酬方案及执行薪酬谈判
  • 可以确保能重复成功的指标


您的人力资本是一个动态资产,需要不断调整以应对不断变化的市场条件和新兴商业机会。人才职业发展方案通过战略动员和人资规模调整来满足业务的需要, 尽量减少人才流失。
当您因为市场变化,结构调整或任务要求,需要重组人力资本时,天途丝是您的选择。通过人才职业发展服务, 我们对当今工作场所的动态现实有深刻的理解。天途丝通过提供多种项目来满足被波及的个人再就业的需求,无论是现场服务,还是远程服务,每种项目都关注有效结果。我们可以为个人和团体定制职业生涯发展项目为处于职业生涯各种阶段的(从一线员工到高管),及各种行业背景的人才提供服务。


作为该服务的一部分, 天途丝将为受到波及的人员提供全方位的支持,从管理失业带来的影响,到识别自身在就业市场的优势, 选定适当的工作/职业发展目标,拟写简历, 求职信及制定适合有效的再就业搜索策略。除了学习网络、面试和薪酬谈判技巧, 候选人将学会有效利用猎头公司,互联网和其他资源找到新的就业机会。


无论您需要帮助几个人还是几千人度过再就业的过渡期,天途丝拥有合适的工具、技术和专业知识来帮助您制定有效的重组策略、管理再就业和职业过渡的全部周期。最重要的是,我们将帮助您确保受到波及的员工将带着信心快速的再就业, 同时,确保留任的员工保持旺盛的生产力, 敬业度和专注力。


  • 评估和咨询
  • 结构化的再就业辅导
  • 求职培训手册
  • 定制的个性化一对一再就业辅导
  • 职位搜寻,人脉建立,及面试培训
  • 薪酬谈判培训
  • 职位搜索培训手册
  • 文具,邮寄和话务
  • 目标公司列表
  • 在线职位工具
  • 建立适用的人脉关系的本地聚会信息