Business Setup Services

Business Setup Services

Tetros aims to deliver information and implementation solutions for businesses exploring the emerging markets in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa).  Our hands-on approach accompanied by proper due diligence provides our clients with the appropriate questions to ask and the correct answers that are needed during times of business expansion and relocation.


As a global company, Tetros serves virtually any global organization aiming to enter the MENA region.  With key presence in Shanghai and Dubai, Tetros is strategically located along “The One Belt, One Road” initiative (The Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st-century Maritime Silk Road) and is equipped with a multi-lingual management and research team to better understand and deliver on our customers’ needs.  We provide critical information for proper engagement and expansion.


Tetros helps you deal with the complications and concerns of expanding your business into the MENA region.


Tetros utilizes its in-house consulting model that is grounded in clearity and valuable research to ensure our clients get their desired within the timeline, budget, and overall plan.

Our Market Entry milestones:

Take your business globally

A dedicated Relationship Manager and agreed upon corporate resources will be dedicated to each and every client so that your success is embedded into our daily and long-term operations.


If you desire to further engage Tetros in actual implementation, we utilize a broad scope of expertise and a proven network of partners to deliver successful outcomes in areas such as:

  • Official document preparation for company formation
  • Translation assistance
  • Application guidance
  • Submission to concerned authorities
  • Process follow-up
  • Obtaining license and certifications
  • Visa and residenece guidance
  • Labor law compliance
  • Real estate assistance
  • Logistical and distribution center support
  • And other services needed to make the transition smooth
  • Securing proper workflow of setup process



作为一家全球化的公司,天途丝为任何一个想进入MENA(中东和北非)地区的机构提供服务。天途丝在上海和迪拜这两个“一带一路” (丝绸之路经济带和21世纪海上丝绸之路)的关键城市都设有分支机构。为更好地理解和满足客户的需求并提供服务,我们配备了多语种的管理与调研团队,为客户在MENA(中东和北非)地区新兴市场的进入和扩张提供关键信息。





无论您是创业型公司需要点到点的人才吸引和保留服务、还是跨国公司寻求基于项目的招聘支持,或者是介于两者之间的任何需求,天途丝都有能力和资源, 通过一个精心设计的度身定制人才获取项目,来满足您的需求。



  • 为组建公司筹备官方所需要的文件
  • 协助提供翻译服务
  • 申请指引
  • 向有关当局提交申请
  • 申请过程跟进
  • 获得许可和认证
  • 确保按适用的流程组建公司
  • 签证和居住证办理指引
  • 劳动法律合规咨询
  • 协助提供办公场所安置和安家服务
  • 物流和配送中心支持
  • 为完成顺利过渡所需要的其他服务