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Our clients trust us to consult and assist in identifying opportunities, challenges, and solution in emerging market entry, recruitment, and people consulting.


About Us

     Tetros is about shared success. Because each organization and each project is unique, we seek active and committed partnerships that last. Tetros is focused on long-term multiplying growth with a keen realization that in order for one organization to succeed, all those around it must mutually succeed. Multiplication is achieved through connecting proactive organizations with powerful global opportunities.


We understand that each organization we connect with is unique, therefore we focus on relationship expectations rather then on product-sales. Ultimately, we assist in making our clients successful by providing relevant local expertise.

We operate with uncompromising business integrity, a strong work ethic, and accountability.


Tetros is dedicated to both what we do and how we do it. Our clients find that they can devote more time to achieving their business goals by allowing us to do the tedious work of providing local and strategic knowledge in a timely fashion, which facilitates sounds business decisions.


Tetros leadership and staff speak Arabic, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Filipino.

Who We Are

Tetros is focused on connecting skilled professionals and executives with organizations as well as providing services in assisting companies to set up businesses and in relocation.

About Service

We are a solutions-based and results-oriented company

emphasizing business growth which offers

Global Recruitment

Whether you are a startup requiring end-to-end talent acquisition and retention services, a multinational company seeking project-based recruiting support or anything in between, Tetros has the capacity and resources to meet your needs through the an elaborate Talent Acquisition suite.

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Business Setup Services

Tetros aims to deliver information and implementation solutions for businesses exploring the emerging markets in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa). Our hands-on approach accompanied by proper due diligence provides our clients with the appropriate questions to ask and the correct answers.

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Human Capital & Resources Consulting

Human Capital is a significant multiplier if and when it is adequately empowered. Tetros employs several tools to properly asses, transform, and nurture Human Capital so that your people become less depleted “resources” and more productive “capital”.

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Our Mission :
China One Belt One Road

We exist to promote Chine one belt one road initiative by:

mobilizing workforce & enterprises to go to the countries along the one belt one road

helping them to find jobs and set up businesses

serving with excellence

Who We Serve

Tetros partners with organizations that share our commitment to helping people, companies, and entire communities. We help our clients break through uncertainty and navigate complex business environments by solving critical issues related to emerging markets, business and people in the MENA region.

Financial Sector
Manufacturing and Industrial Sector
Retail and Commercial Sector
Telecom and Information Technology
Construction and Real Estate
Life Sciences and Healthcare